About Me

Web developer, five years commercial experience, working both remotely and in an agency setting. I specialize in developing custom WordPress themes and plugins, and also have an excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, and linux servers.

I currently work mainly with WordPress; developing custom plugins and highly optimized, lightweight themes. All my themes and plugins keep to WordPress guidelines, ensuring you can upload to their directories without worry. My projects have included, extending WordPress to interact with different filetypes (PDF, XSXL) and integrating external API's user REST and SOAP web services (XML, JSON).

As well as WordPress, I am a great all round developer. I have experience with an ever expanding range of server side technologies (PHP, NODEJS, LINUX Server, Apache, DNS, mySQL). I also am a very able front end developer (this was my original role before I moved into WordPress), and create optimized UI's with HTML5, JavaScript and SASS.

I am very easy to work with and keep in close contact with clients throughout a project, providing quick responses to questions, and support after the project is completed.

In my spare time I love the creative side of coding, and create experiments which model physics, and explore algorithmic artwork.